our ministries


A'e Kamalii Preschool
The mission of 'Ae Kamali'i is a commitment to serve members of the community by providing quality education and child-care programs to children in preschool. For more information please call: 245-6622


Kid's Klub

Kid's Klub, Lihue Christian Church's youth group, meets during adult service to learn about God's love through activities involving scripture stories, crafts and activities. But, we're not just limited to Sundays! Other activies and events include movie nights, Easter egg coloring night, pool days at the YMCA or swim days at the beach.


Wilcox Adult Day Health Center
Wilcox Memorial Hospital has been Kauai's leading medical facility since 1938. It is now recognized as one of the top 100 rural hospitals in the United States. In 2001, Adult Day Health Center relocated to Lihue Christian Church Social Hall. For more information please call: 246-6916.


Lihue Christian Church is a proud sponsor organization for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.  In the evenings and weekends, BSA Cub Pack 148, Troop 148 and Varsity 148, GSA Troop 273, 851, 852 and 953 hold their meetings and activities at this facility.


Salvation Army Soup Kitchen
The Lihue Corps serves Lihue's hungry and homeless community through its Kokua Soup Kitchen. With the full support and cooperation of churches, community leaders, businesses and dedicated volunteers, The Salvation Army serves hot meals twice a week to anyone who is hungry.

Compassion Project International

Through the worldwide program called Compassion Project International Lihue Christian Church Kid's Klub currently sponsors 2 children; Festus, a young boy from Ghana, and Wendoly, a young girl from Honduras.  Our continued sponsorship allows Festus and Wendoly much needed food, medical needs and educational assistance, and, the children of Kid's Klub will learn about poverty and how hunger affects millions of children worldwide and how a little group of kids from the other side of the world can make a difference.


Hope For Cambodia

We help to support Glen and Mary Frazier's ministerial outreach through Church of the Pacific to those in need in Cambodia with food and medicinal supplies.

Food Bank donations


Ke Ala Hoku--transitional program for inmates reentering the community.


Outreach to seniors-assistance with housecleaning, yard care, errands and meals.